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BPW Heavyweight Title:

Shark Boy
(defeated Jake Crist) 10.28.07

Jake "Crazy J" Crist
(won the "Halloween Horrors" Battle Royal to fill the vacant title) 10.29.06

(Abyss stripped of the title by co-owner Dean Baldwin for failure to defend within the specified period) 08.10.06

(defeated Cody Hawk in a "Last Man Standing" Chain Match) 08.05.05

Cody Hawk
(defeated Shark Boy
via pinfall) 02.11.05

Shark Boy
(defeated Dean Jablonski via knockout) 04.16.04

Dean Jablonski
(defeated Shark Boy
in tournament final) 11.14.03


BPW Tag Team Title:

The Twin Peaks (Tom Bellman & Dustin Thomas)
(defeated Eddie Gonzales & Jake Simmons) 10.28.07

Eddie Gonzales & Jake Simmons
(received belts due to forfeit of title defense Todd Mullins & injured Donny Redd ) 10.28.07

Todd Mullins & Donny Redd
(defeated Eddie Gonzales & Jake Simmons) 08.19.07

Eddie Gonzales & Jake Simmons
(defeated Shark Boy & Cody Hawk) 03.04.07

Shark Boy & Cody Hawk
(defeated "Irish Airborne" Lotus & Crazy J in a Ladder Match to fill the vacant titles) 10.29.06

(Co-commissioner Shawn Stidham held up the titles after conflicting decisions on the part of referees Joe Kopasz and Heather Owens in the title match between Shark Boy
& Cody Hawk vs. "Irish Airborne" Lotus & Crazy J) 08.10.06

Shark Boy & Cody Hawk
(defeated Foreign Intelligence) 02.17.06

Foreign Intelligence
(won an 8-team Gauntlet Match to fill the vacant titles) 08.05.05

(Co-commissioners Shawn Stidham and Patrick Black rendered conflicting decisions in a title match between Lotus & Crazy J and Chad Allegra & Mongo) 05.06.05

Lotus & Crazy J
(defeated Simply Fabulous) 06.04.04

Simply Fabulous
(defeated American Youth and Lotus & Crazy J in a three-way elimination title match) 2.27.04

American Youth
(defeated Dean & Chet Jablonski in tournament final) 9.12.03

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