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Wrestler Spotlight

Cody Hawk

Name: Cody Hawk
6' 3"
225 lbs
Bellbrook, OH
Pro Debut:

For better or for worse, Cody Hawk has been an unstoppable part of Buckeye Pro Wrestling since its inception. His attitude has been unpredictable over the years, sometimes putting him on the wrong side of BPW management. But Hawk's unmatched in-ring skills and experience never let him stay down for long.

In fact, Hawk was the third-ever BPW Heavyweight champion, taking that title from none other than current champion and BPW mainstay Shark Boy. He held onto the BPW championship until finally being defeated by another TNA star, the monster Abyss, late in 2005.

Hawk has been even more successful in BPW's tag team ranks, holding the BPW Tag Team titles twice with then-partner Shark Boy. Those title reigns together lasted for over a year, with only a brief interruption as the belts were held up due to a disputed call. Who did Hawk and Shark defeat for those belts? Two of the top tag teams of the last decade in the Midwest: Foreign Intelligence and the Irish Airborne.

Cody Hawk has seen great success beyond BPW as well. His career began at Cincinnati's Heartland Wrestling Association, then skyrocketed to include not only most major independent organizations in the Midwest, but also WWE, WCW, RoH, IWA, and more. Hawk has faced such stars as Eddy Guerrero, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Chris Benoit, and so many more, and is an integral part of Cincinnati's EGO Pro Wrestling. No one can question his credentials.

Sadly, Hawk has chosen a darker path in recent years. Instead of relying on the instincts and talent that have brought him so far in pro wrestling, he has allied himself in BPW with Dave and Jake Crist. This three-man army frequently interferes in one another's bouts, and generally create havoc at BPW events.

Who knows if Hawk can capture BPW gold again with this outlook? All we know for certain is that he'll continue to make an impact on anyone who gets in his way.  

BPW Heavyweight Champ, 02/2005

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